Yes. The Social Security Administration will only provide monthly disability payments for people whose disability will last at least a year, and in some cases, this means they will live with their condition for the rest of their lives. They place this time limit on your disability in order to estimate how long you will be unable to work, or how long you will be working at a reduced capacity.

Naturally, any improvement in your condition should be seen as positive. However, any improvement may be seen as an immediate ability to return to work, causing the SSA to decrease or even discontinue your disability payments. 

Your payments may be affected if you: 

  • Return to work on a full- or part-time basis
  • No longer qualify under the SSA’s definition of disabled
  • Are able to earn a substantial income (whether or not you are injured)

Since many injured workers are hesitant about going back to work in case their condition worsens, the Social Security Administration provides work incentives while the victim attempts to transition back into employment. This means that your payments will continue for several weeks when you first return to work, although the amount may be adjusted due to your additional income.

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