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Can I be fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim in New Jersey?


While the economy and job market have improved measurably in the last few years, it is still an incredibly stressful and competitive environment. Many people—especially in the northeast, where good jobs are at a premium—protect their career with their all, knowing full well that there is a line of hundreds, if not thousands, of qualified applicants in line behind them.

Can You Be Fired for Suffering a Workplace Injury?

If you were hurt at work, you are likely overwhelmed with stress. Your physical injuries, finances, and job security are at the front of your mind as you focus on recovering and returning to work as soon as possible—and after an injury like yours, losing your job is the worst outcome you can imagine.

While you may get along with your manager or supervisor, their power over your professional life can be intimidating. In some industries, it is not uncommon for managers to threaten the jobs of those who file for workers’ compensation. If you have been hurt on the job, there are two very important things for you to keep in mind:

  • You cannot be fired or terminated for filing a workers’ comp claim. You cannot be fired as a means of retaliation with no legitimate grounds for doing so—this is the law.
  • You can be terminated while you are receiving workers’ comp benefits after a workplace accident. Workers’ comp is not a shield that prevents you from being fired for a legitimate reason. For instance, if you were breaking company policy at the time of your accident, you could be terminated.

If your supervisor has tried to intimidate or harass you in an effort to prevent you from filing a workers’ comp claim, you need strong legal advice. Our firm can help—call or click on the live chat link to schedule your free consultation with the New Jersey workers’ compensation law firm that cares.

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