After going through what felt like an epic battle to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, you feel as though a massive weight has been lifted from your shoulders when you are finally deemed eligible. You may have gone through well over a year of applications, appeals, and doctor visits, but you have finally been able to secure what you have worked so hard to earn.

You may feel as though you are out of the woods forever, but are you? You are not the only person whose eligibility has been reviewed after receiving SSD benefits, and you will probably continue to be reviewed periodically throughout the span of time that you receive SSD benefits.

Whether you are expected to be disabled for life or only for a few years, the Social Security Administration will take the time to check in on your health and work status from time to time in the form of a review. This does not mean that you have done anything wrong, or may lose your benefits—it is simply the SSA taking the pulse of your eligibility to ensure that you are progressing as your doctor projected.

How does the SSA determine how often to review your eligibility? Your doctor’s assessment of your health in your initial application or appeal will likely set the schedule of review, which is based on a projection of your health status. The better your prognosis for improvement, the more often your eligibility will be reviewed:

  • If your condition is expected to improve, your SSD benefit eligibility will be reviewed more often. Typically, you can expect to receive a review within 6 to 18 months of receiving your first SSD check.
  • If your condition may improve, you can expect to be reviewed about three years after your first check.
  • If no improvement in your health is expected, you may not be reviewed for several years following your first check.

While a review does not mean you are going to lose your benefits, if your condition has markedly improved to the point where you can return to the workforce, you may be found ineligible to continue receiving SSD benefits. To learn more about what this may mean and talk to a Social Security disability attorney, schedule your free consultation today. To contact my New Jersey Social Security law office, simply call or click on the live chat link to be connected.

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