For many people, summer means vacations, relaxation, and sunny days at the beach. For those whose work is in the construction industry, summer is typically associated with long shifts, endless overtime, and exhausting heat.

Summer Brings More Than Sweat and Sunburn Risk to New Jersey Construction Workers

Not only does summer drive up the mercury and make for a more uncomfortable work environment for construction workers, but the workloads are multiplied several times over. This means that the men and women of the construction industry are working harder, longer hours each day in the summer under grueling conditions. This can often lead to a rise in painful injuries and accidents, including:

  • Heat stroke and heat exhaustion
  • Dehydration
  • Skin cancer and serious sunburns
  • Accidents involving heavy equipment and vehicles

Your employers and supervisors should be well aware of the added risks associated with summer construction work, and must take several precautions to ensure that you and your coworkers are safe no matter what the outside temperature reaches. This includes taking these summer-centric safety measures:

  • Workers should be provided with ample opportunity to rest, find shade, and rehydrate.
  • Ensure that worksites are just as visible as the workers—this prevents visibility-related accidents between coworkers as well as cars that may be operating directly beside a work zone.
  • Ensure that workers on night shifts are monitored for fatigue issues, and that nighttime work zones are properly illuminated.
  • Safety should always be first—employers must maintain and improve safety programs and training for all workers.

While it is tempting to forego safety meetings and additional training when summer workloads get intense, it is absolutely vital that your employers put a premium on safety to keep you and your coworkers safe and healthy. If your employer has intentionally ignored important safety standards and you are hurt as a result, you deserve compensation for your injuries.

If you are hurt on a construction site this summer, contact my New Jersey injury law firm today to learn how you can receive compensation for your construction accident damages. Call, chat online, or fill out our online contact form to be connected with a construction accident lawyer now.


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