Probably not. Due to the severe nature of amputation injuries, workers will often lose their full range of motion and suffer a reduced earning capacity for the rest of their lives--costs that are usually not comparable with the payouts from worker’s compensation.

Even if an error on your part contributed to the loss of a finger in a mechanical power press, your employer may still be liable if there a safety oversight.

Mechanical power presses are the most common machines associated with workplace amputations. The injuries usually occur when a worker removes a re-formed workpiece from between the upper and lower dies, or feeds a new workpiece into the die, also called a point-of-operation hazard.

Here are a few ways your employer may be liable for your injury costs:

  • Regular operation. Point-of-operation injuries may be accidental, but the action that caused the injury is necessary to perform work (feeding and removing pieces from the press).
  • Inadequate safeguards. Many presses have safeguards that cut the machine’s power when a hand is inserted into the machine; however, these may be disabled to allow faster operation.
  • Distractions. Employers are advised to place dangerous machines in low-traffic areas to allow the operator to concentrate without distractions.

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