Many people ask "how long can you receive workers comp?" For the most part, you can receive Workers’ Compensation for as long as you are disabled or unable to work. So if you are disabled permanently, you may receive Workers’ Compensation for the rest of your life. However, most cases are temporary and last a few months. When your condition improves and you are able to return to work, your Workers’ Compensation benefits will end. A Morristown Workers’ Compensation attorney can help with any questions you have. 

Different Forms of Workers’ Compensation Disability 

There are four main types of disability: 

  • Temporary total disability – This is the most common type of disability. This means that you are unable to work at all, but you will eventually recover and be able to work again.
  • Permanent total disability – This is a disability that prevents you from ever doing your job again. Despite how severe it sounds, you don’t need to be incapacitated, just unable to do your job or a similar one.
  • Temporary partial disability – This type of disability prevents you from doing some parts of your job for a short time. You will eventually be able to do the same duties as you did before your disability.
  • Permanent partial disability – This is when your injury is permanent, but you are still able to do some of your previous duties. 

The amount of money you receive will depend on the severity of your disability as well as the state in which you reside, but you can typically expect to receive up to two-thirds of your salary. 

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