Some people are reluctant to claim their disability benefits because they do not want to take a free payout from the government. It is important to realize that your Social Security disability benefits are not simply “free money.” They are paid for—both by your employer, and by you.

Your work history will greatly affect your New Jersey disability benefits case. In order to qualify for benefits, the Social Security Administration will need to know if you: 

  • Were recently employed. The SSA may not cover you if you have not worked in the past year or were not employed long enough for your benefits to kick in. 
  • Worked at a job covered by Social Security. Employees pay into Social Security out of their regular paychecks. If your employer did not deduct payments, you may not be able to collect benefits.

The SSA will also consider the extent of your injury when considering your application. You must be injured in such a way that you will be unable to work for a year or more in order to receive monthly payments from Social Security. If you qualify, you may also receive work incentives to help you return to work as you heal (including health coverage and extended benefits). 

Our New Jersey Social Security attorneys want injured workers to realize that there are many ways to receive income payments while they are disabled. Those who are currently receiving worker’s compensation or using private insurance may still apply for Social Security if their disability will keep them out of work for the foreseeable future.

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