Many people who have filed for Social Security disability in New Jersey have one question on their minds: what is the earliest date I could receive a payment? The answer will depend on a number of factors, including whether or not you can have the mandatory waiting period waived.

Most beneficiaries will have to wait five calendar months between the date of their injury and the date of their first Social Security check. In other words, first payment should arrive on the earliest full calendar month five months from the date that you:

  • Were disabled
  • Met the disability requirements set forth by the Social Security Administration
  • Proved that you worked for a company with disability-insured status

Beneficiaries will not receive additional payments for any months in the waiting period, so many accident victims will be forced to put off paying medical bills and additional expenses during this time.

In some cases, beneficiaries may be able to forgo the usual waiting period and start receiving checks immediately. You may not have to wait for benefits if:

  • You had been receiving disability benefits in the past, and became disabled again within five years after your previous disability ended
  • You are filing for Childhood Disability Benefits
  • You are only collecting Social Security Income benefits

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