Many accident victims assume that since they have been cleared from working by a doctor, their injury will immediately qualify them to receive Social Security benefits. However, the Social Security Administration will conduct its own review of your case to determine whether or not your injury qualifies you as “disabled” by its standards.

Determining If You Are Disabled Under SSA Guidelines

After you have passed the earnings requirements tests, the SSA will send your application to the Disability Determination Services office in your state. Here, doctors and disability specialists will ask your doctors for information about your condition, including:

  • What your medical condition is
  • When your condition began
  • How your condition affects your abilities
  • What your medical tests have shown
  • What treatments you required

Your doctor is encouraged to provide all the facts in your case, including the records from all hospitals, clinics, or institutions where you have been treated. Specifically, they will require information on your ability to do work-related tasks such as sitting, walking, standing, lifting, and carrying. If your injury affected your mental capacity,  memory, or emotional stability, your doctors or therapists may be asked to provide a reasonable estimation of your mental state.

Special Examinations Are Sometimes Needed

In some cases, the Disability Determination Services may need to meet with you to form a more complete picture of your disability. If you require a special examination, the Social Security Administration will pay for the exam (and if necessary, some of the related travel costs).

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