Yes. Due to the backups in the Social Security appeals system, the Social Security Administration (SSA) allows applicants to avoid waiting for a hearing in two ways: they may request that a judge examine their files and rule on their case without a hearing, or they can ask an attorney advisor to issue a decision instead of the judge.

How an Attorney Advisor Can Approve Your Social Security Disability Request Without a Hearing

Generally speaking, applicants who have an “open and shut” case are the best candidates for requesting an attorney review. In these cases, benefits have typically been denied due to clerical error, missing information, or because a condition was ruled non-disabling but has now become more serious. An attorney advisor review may be a good option for your claim if:

  • Your condition has worsened to a point that it clearly matches one of SSA’s disability listings or qualifies you for a compassionate allowance
  • You can show new medical evidence of your condition that proves it qualifies as disabling
  • There was a mistake made in your file that you can refute with evidence
  • Other, non-medical evidence has come to light (such as employer records) that will likely get your claim approved
  • The previous claim examiner was not able to view vital evidence in your case that would likely have gotten your claim approved
  • You qualify for benefits under a medical-vocational allowance

Remember: it will cost you nothing to have our firm look over your claim. We can tell you what your best options are, what steps to take, and which approval method would be best for you. Use our live chat box at the bottom of this page to get started.


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