When applying for Social Security disability in New Jersey, you should be aware that the Social Security Administration has its own definitions and standards regarding your level of injury. They do not question whether victims are impaired, but whether they can be considered impaired to a degree that will prevent them from earning their regular living.

The Social Security will provide disability benefits for those who can demonstrate “impaired mobility.” This may be an inability to walk, sit, or stand, or difficulty performing other physical tasks as part of their work performance.

To qualify for the Social Security Administration’s loss of mobility benefits, victims must:

  • Suffer musculoskeletal impairment that prevents them from ambulating effectively 
  • Be unable to perform job-oriented movements (such as heavy lifting, typing, or fine motor skills)
  • Be limited physically or by pain associated with required movement
  • Be expected to suffer a decreased range of motion or mobility for at least 12 months

At Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr., we realize that there are as many types of injuries as there are workers, and that no two employees will suffer in the exact same way. If you are unable to work, but your disability application has been denied, it does not mean that you do not rightfully deserve those benefits—it means you need someone fighting on your side.

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