Yes, but many employers are reluctant to acknowledge it. A psychiatric work injury in New Jersey can be difficult to prove, and these kinds of cases often require an attorney fighting on your behalf to demonstrate the scope of your injury. 

Most cases of work-related PTSD come from high-risk occupations, such as police officers, firefighters, and emergency medical crews. However, any dangerous environment can bring about PTSD symptoms if an event causes psychological trauma, such as employees witnessing the death of another worker.

Employees may experience PTSD as a side effect of another injury. A devastating accident that caused a severe physical injury or aggravated a previous health condition can cause PTSD, leaving a worker to suffer the emotional consequences long after his physical injuries have healed.

In other cases, a worker may suffer PTSD without sustaining physical injuries. This is usually because the victim witnessed a traumatic event, such as a gruesome accident or personal assault. In both cases, these workers can file workers’ compensation claims to cover the costs of treatment and recovery for PTSD. 

Victims who are suffering from a psychological injury in New Jersey will very likely be unable to work while they receive treatment. Even those who are able to work on a part-time basis will need extended therapy and rehabilitation, most of which will not be covered by standard insurance. 

If you have suffered a traumatic event while at work, doing a work-related task or in any way acting in the scope of your employment, your PTSD should be covered by workers’ compensation. To find out how to begin your Morris Plains work injury case, call the dedicated law team at Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr. today at (877) 360-0183 or fill out the form on this page to schedule your FREE, one-on-one case evaluation. 

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