It’s understandable that most people think a broken bone is more serious than a torn ligament. However, as anyone who has suffered a torn ankle ligament can tell you, it is a painful and debilitating injury—and can have more long-lasting effects than a broken bone.

For example, imagine you are driving down Mt. Kemble Avenue when a driver in the oncoming lane turns in front of you. You slam on the brakes until the second you hit the car, bracing your feet on the floor. Even if all the bones in your foot remain intact, your foot will be heavily compressed, and the tendons and ligaments surrounding your ankle may swell as a result.

Tendon Stretching Can Be More Serious Than a Broken Bone

While a broken bone is painful, the bones in the foot will usually knit together on their own without intervention. On the other hand, a ligament injury after a car wreck can severely stretch the tissues, often resulting in a longer healing process, total immobility, and a permanent limited range of motion. In addition, many severe ligament injuries require surgery, prolonging the recovery process—and keeping you out of work—even longer.

Improper Healing May Lead to Complications

As victims often assume a ligament injury is not serious, they may attempt to continue working during the healing process. Unfortunately, this can cause the ankle to heal unnaturally, resulting in a permanently turned ankle or limp. Even if there is no deformity, patients may suffer reduced mobility that affects the amount of weight they can carry or the length of time they can stand, affecting their future job prospects.

If you are recovering from an ankle injury after a crash, you should always consult an attorney to discuss the facts of your case as soon as possible. You may be able to get more from a settlement than the insurance company has offered—but only if you do not give up your right to sue. Click the contact link on this page to discuss your case today. We will go over your case with you and help you better understand your rights—all during your no-obligation consultation.

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