The way to prove permanent disability is through objective medical evidence. Your medical records need to document that your New Jersey disability either impairs your ability to work or prevents you from returning to work. A workers’ compensation attorney in Morristown can explain in detail what is required by the state of New Jersey for a disability to be approved by workers’ compensation.                                                                                             

Steps Toward Determining Permanent Disability 

Following an on-the-job injury, employees must report it to their employer and seek medical care from an approved workers’ compensation doctor. 

Once the doctor determines the injury has reached its maximum level of recuperation and additional medical care will not improve the condition, employees will need to be reevaluated. This follow-up physical examination is meant to determine whether the work injury qualifies as permanent. 

Types of Permanent Disability 

There are two types of disability recognized by workers’ comp that are considered permanent: 

  • Permanent partial disability – This is an injury that is permanent and restricts employees from performing their job to its full extent.
  • Permanent total disability – This injury prevents employees from ever being able to perform their job or one similar. 

How you are to be compensated for a disability can be complex. Workers’ compensation may offer periodic benefit payments or one lump sum. You should have a workers’ compensation attorney review the offer before signing any paperwork to ensure it is in your best interest. 

Contacting a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Morristown 

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