Pterygium – A non-cancerous growth in the conjunctiva of the eye, is often painful and may cause stinging, discomfort, or itching in the eyes. As the growth extends over the sclera (whites) of the eye and onto the cornea, the patient’s vision may grow increasingly spotty or even be lost altogether.

Pterygia is fairly common among employees who work in outdoor environments with prolonged sun exposure or who are regularly exposed to very bright light. While this UV eye injury is reversible, it will often reoccur if further preventive measures are not taken in the future.

Your employer may be liable for your injury costs, including:

  • Medical costs – Treatments for pterygia range from rest to corrective surgery—both of which will require several doctor and hospital visits.
  • Lost work time – A worker’s vision may become so blurred that working or driving becomes impossible, making it necessary for him to take medical leave.
  • Ophthalmology treatments – During your recovery and through the rest of your employment, you should have regular vision examinations (every three months) to track changes in your vision and intraocular pressure.
  • Protective eyewear – Your employer should actively attempt to prevent a recurrence of injury by providing proper safety goggles, welding masks, or other eyewear that blocks 99–100% of harmful radiation.

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