It’s difficult to predict how quickly someone will recover after a fall off of a ladder, as these can injuries vary. For example, a construction worker may fall several feet and sustain only minor injuries, while another may become entangled in the ladder on his way down, suffering severe damage to his legs.

Factors That Can Affect Healing Times After a Fall From a Ladder

While each patient heals differently, there are a few factors that can help predict how quickly your loved one will recover from his injury, including:

  • Height. The distance of the fall can play a role in your family member’s injuries. A higher fall is more likely to involve head trauma, making an injury more severe—and potentially fatal. Generally, the higher the fall, the more severe the injuries will be. However, severe injuries have occurred from falls of just a few feet.
  • Extent of injury. A fall from a ladder can affect any part of the body, and will usually involve multiple injuries. While injuries are likeliest in the head, arms, elbows, and shoulders, many workers have suffered damage to their ankles, feet, knees, legs, and even hands and fingers. The more parts of the body that have been injured, the longer the recovery time—and the greater the chances of lifelong disability.
  • Complications. Even after an injury has fully healed, a worker may experience limitations and complications from the injury for years to come. A back injury can permanently restrict how much a person can lift and how long he can stand, while hand and foot injuries can cause nerve damage that prevent him from walking or making a fist.

To find out how to help your loved one recover after a ladder fall, click the contact link on this page to tell us how the injury occurred. We have helped many construction workers receive compensation for their injuries, allowing them to heal at their own pace without worrying about returning to work. Your contact with us is free, and you owe us nothing unless we win your case.

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