Many employees wonder how they are going to pay for their medical costs after they are injured at work in New Jersey. While some workers think they can rely on their health insurance, they are surprised to learn that a lot of their injury costs won’t be covered—even if some of them have been before. 

For example, a dock worker may see his regular doctor for back pain for several years. His office visits may be covered and he will likely receive medication for pain. A few years later, the worker suffers a herniated disc—an injury made more likely as a result of day-to-day lifting—and his insurance won’t foot the bill.

If this seems unfair, it’s because worker’s compensation is meant to pay for injuries sustained at work. But when workers suffer full-blown health problems caused by smaller injuries, they find themselves shut out by both their insurance company and their employer: the employer may dismiss the worker’s claims because there was no initial accident, while the insurance company may argue that your employer should pay.

Workers' Compensation For What Health Insurance Doesn't Cover

It is vital that you apply for New Jersey workers’ compensation benefits immediately, for a few reasons: first, you are putting it on record that you suffered a work injury. Second, these benefits are actually much more comprehensive than regular health insurance, and should pay for all medical costs related to your injury. Third, you are informing your employer of a potential hazard and giving him the opportunity to correct it. 

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