Just like filing a claim against another driver, there is a time limit to bringing a case against a government agency after a car accident. In mane cases, these deadlines (called the statute of limitations) are extremely short, and can be as little as 30 days from the date of your accident.

Here are the steps you should take in order to successfully build your accident case:

  • Identify the responsible agency. Many victims have lost their rights to compensation by identifying the wrong agency in their suits. Not only will a claim against the wrong governmental department be invalid, it will also cut into the time limit for notifying the proper department. In some cases, claims can be dismissed if they are sent to the wrong department—even if the right department is located in the same building.
  • Notify in writing. Once you have identified the correct department, you must notify the agency about the accident in writing. This letter should include the date of the accident, the precise location, and details about the circumstances and consequences of the crash. It is best to keep a copy of this letter on file.
  • Follow up. If you send the notice by mail, you should follow up regularly to make sure it has been received and acknowledged. You can also drop off your letter in person and ask for a receipt that notes the time and date that the notice was accepted.

Will Suing a Government Agency Allow Me to Replace my Vehicle?

While victims may get payments for property damage claims, there is often a cap on how much you may be paid. Your best option is to consult an attorney to find out the value of your case, the entity responsible, what to include in your accident notice, and how to begin gathering evidence in your case. Click the contact link on this page to set up an appointment with an accident attorney today.

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