Construction sites are buzzing with activity. Numerous contractors and trades are on the job simultaneously, and each party has a different area of responsibility. On top of that, construction sites are already hazardous, with heavy equipment, power tools, and debris at every turn. For many people in the industry, the risk is simply something that can be mitigated with proper precautions, but their true fear lies in the instant where someone lets their attention or standards slide for even a moment.

Whether you are an electrician or any other tradesman on the job at a site, your work will have you interacting regularly with electricity. You know what you need to do in order to prevent an electrical injury, but you must also trust that your peers onsite have done their duties to keep you safe. When that duty is breached by anyone, disastrous results could occur, and you may be entitled to compensation as a result.

Electrical Injuries on NJ Construction Worksites Deserve Compensation

Electrical hazards can cause serious, life-changing injuries or death. Burns, nerve damage, cardiovascular damage, and brain damage are common (and often fatal) results of electrical injury, and victims who survive are often in severe pain even after a run-in with low voltage shocks.

As a construction worker, you may or may not be covered by workers’ compensation laws if you are an independent contractor. Instead, your means of receiving compensation would be to determine who is at fault for your injury and pursue an injury claim from that person or persons. This is known as a third-party negligence claim, and can also be used in conjunction with a workers’ compensation case when the third party is not your employer.

A skilled construction accident lawyer will be able to thoroughly investigate your case and get to the bottom of what caused your serious injury. If someone’s negligence is to blame, your attorney can get you the compensation you deserve for your damages. To learn more, schedule a free consultation at our Morris Plains office today, or fill out our online contact form on this page.

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