It could be. Although the most common sources of work-related eye injuries involve metal particles striking the eye, exposure to bright light and UV radiation can still pose a serious danger to welders--particularly if they are not equipped with property safety gear.

Here are a few things you should know about welding and vision damage:

  • Multiple risks – Both infrared and visible spectrum—bright light—radiation can cause retinal damage. Common effects include cataracts, increased light sensitivity, spots in the visual field and decreased visual acuity.
  • Everyone is at risk – A welding arc can cause eye damage from UV radiation up to 50 feet away from the welder by reflecting off concrete, unpainted metals, or other shiny surfaces.
  • Gradual effects – Many welders will suffer temporary vision problems as an immediate reaction to the radiation, but long-term exposure can have permanent effects. A study of over 200 welders in Denmark showed that 57 percent of subjects developed yellow spots on the white part of the eye, 24 percent suffered degeneration of the membrane over the eyeball, and half of the subjects showed signs of corneal scarring.

Due to the nature of these injuries, you may be unable to perform the same level of work in the future, causing a permanent loss of income for you and your family. If you suffered a work-related eye injury in New Jersey, it is vital that you have your legal options explained to you by an experienced Morristown construction accident lawyer.

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