The statutes of limitations in New Jersey for filing a car accident claim vary. It depends on the type of civil law your suit is filed under. Considering this, you should speak with a car accident attorney to determine what type of civil action is best for your claim. 

Statutes of Limitations in New Jersey 

A car accident claim may be restricted to the following statutes of limitations governing New Jersey law: 

  • Two years for personal injury – You have two years to file a claim for a personal injury you may have sustained in a car accident.
  • Six years for property damage – There is a six-year statute of limitation for seeking compensation for property damage that happened as a direct result of a car accident.
  • Two years for product liability – If your accident claim is related to a deficiency in the design, planning, surveying, supervision, or construction of the motor vehicles involved, you have two years to file an accident claim against any of the liable parties.
  • Two years for wrongful death – A wrongful death lawsuit must be brought against the perpetrator within two years following the accident. 

Compensation for damages or injuries caused by a negligent driver, manufacturer, or other responsible party can be pursued through an accident claim; however, if the statute of limitations expires, you won’t have a case to fight. Considering your time may be spent recovering or grieving, it’s best to talk to an accident attorney for support and guidance. 

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