There are 3 main types of Social Security disability benefits available to those who qualify, and if you’re confused about which of them is applicable to your circumstances, reach out to a Morristown Social Security lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours. 

The 3 types of benefits include: those for retired workers and their auxiliary beneficiaries (such as a spouse or child); survivor benefits for the beneficiaries of a deceased worker, which can include the child, widow or widower (whether young, aged, or disabled), or parent of a deceased worker; and benefits for disabled workers and their auxiliary beneficiaries. 

Retired worker benefits are the most familiar to most of us, and to be eligible for retiree benefits, a worker must have worked long enough to be insured by SSDI and be at least 62 years old (maximum insurance benefits are available at 70). 

Survivor benefits are for the survivors of a deceased, eligible worker and these funds are paid out of the same Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund as retiree benefits. Disabled worker benefits, on the other hand, are paid from the Disability Insurance Trust Fund and are only available to those workers who have worked long enough to be insured and who were working prior to the development of a qualifying disability. 

To learn more about which of the Social Security disability benefits is applicable to your circumstances, consult a Morristown Social Security lawyer who is ready to help you get the benefit funds you are entitled to. 

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