Medical evidence is necessary in a Social Security disability claim. When you file a claim, you will be responsible for submitting evidence that shows your impairment and its severity. For help gathering this evidence, you should consult with a disability attorney in Morristown.

Gathering Medical Evidence

Your medical evidence must be documented by medical sources who meet Social Security Administration regulations. These sources include: 

  • licensed medical or osteopathic physicians;
  • certified or licensed psychologists to establish learning disabilities, mental retardation or borderline intellectual functioning;
  • licensed optometrists to establish visual disorders;
  • licensed podiatrists if you claim to have a foot or foot/ankle impairment; and
  • qualified speech-language pathologists to establish speech or language impairments. 

Medical reports from any of the above sources should be adequate, timely and accurate to accelerate the process of your Social Security disability claim, otherwise additional evidence may be necessary, which could prolong your claim.

You should also submit evidence of any treatment you have received in a clinic, hospital or health facility. All reports will be taken into consideration during your disability determination process.

Additional Evidence of Your Impairment

In some cases, reports from other sources may be helpful in showing how your impairment affects your ability to work or function. These sources include: 


  • schools;
  • public and private agencies;
  • social workers;
  • employers;
  • parents and caregivers;
  • audiologists; and
  • chiropractors.

The Social Security disability claim process can be a headache if you lack legal counsel. To increase your chances of approval, you should work with a disability attorney in Morristown.

Help from a Disability Attorney in Morristown

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