You enjoyed working at Morristown Medical Center; that is, until you began treatment for your cervical cancer. Despite your background in the medical field, you were unable to prevent getting the cancer that so many of your patients have.

Your condition causes you to feel extreme pain, and the treatment you receive makes it difficult to even get out of bed, let alone return to a job where you spend most of the day on your feet taking care of others.

You May Be Eligible to Receive Social Security

You have to have an income to cover your mortgage, utilities, car payment, insurance, and other bills. You are desperate for a way to make ends meet, and working isn’t an option. Fortunately, you may qualify for Social Security. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Medical evidence. When applying for Social Security, you’ll need to provide medical documentation that clearly specifies the diagnosis and location of the cancer, as well as the extent and toll it has taken on your body.
  • Operative treatments. Documentation that shows biopsy results and other diagnostic tests is also needed. Additionally, summaries of hospitalizations with pathological findings may also serve as evidence.
  • Proof of treatments received. Applicants must prove that they have received antineoplastic therapy, which includes chemotherapy, irradiation, hormones, bone marrow or stem cell transplantation, or immunotherapy to no avail, in order to possibly qualify.

Often, the treatment for cervical cancer causes patients to lose the strength or ability to work, and this may help them qualify for Social Security benefits.

Social Security Disability for Cancer Patients

The legal team of Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr. understands the hardships cervical cancer patients experience, and we know that you need money in order to support yourself and your family.

We have helped many women in the Morris Plains area receive the Social Security benefits they need in order to make ends meet. We may be able to do the same for you. Contact us today to learn more.


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