As a cashier at Super Stop & Shop, your job requires you to perform many physical activities. Along with standing for long periods of time, you also have to help customers find their items, lift heavy bags into carts, and place some merchandise on shelves.

It was during your re-stocking responsibility that you slipped on a wet floor and hurt your back. The floor had just been mopped, but the maintenance worker forgot to place caution signs around the area, so you had no way of knowing.

Should You Return to Work Before You Think You’re Ready?

You haven’t been able to stand without experiencing excruciating pain since the accident and walking is out of the question, but your boss wants you to come back to work now, and is even threatening to fire you if you refuse. Before you panic, take the following actions:

  • Relay the facts to your employer. Inform your boss that allowing you the time you need to heal means you may return to work at full capacity instead of having to come back and only perform light duty. Additionally, a hurt employee is an unsafe employee, as your injuries may cause you to hurt yourself or others if you can’t perform your job properly.
  • Talk to your doctor. Tell your doctor that your boss wants you to return to work before you think you are able. Your physician may be able to write a letter stating that you are not fit to return to work yet, which may help the employer understand your reluctance to come back.
  • Consult with an attorney. You have rights as an employee, and should never feel threatened to return to your job before you are healthy. Doing so can make your injuries even worse or create new problems. An attorney can inform you of your legal rights and help you should your employee break the law by firing you.

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