There are no clear reasons why some people will suffer pain complications and others will not. Some patients suffer an initial injury that leaves pain behind. Some are born with a degenerative or congenital condition that causes ongoing pain, and some who suffer chronic pain have never experienced any past trauma. No matter what your situation, you may benefit from specialized treatment beyond what your regular doctor can offer.

What Kinds of Doctors Can Treat Chronic Pain in NJ?

If your doctor-ordered course of treatment is ineffective at controlling chronic pain, you may consider seeing one or more of the following specialists:

  • Pain specialists who create patient-specific plans to treat and manage chronic pain.
  • Physical therapists who can devise an exercise regimen to help lessen pain.
  • Neurologists who can examine changes in the brain and nervous system and determine if surgery would be an effective treatment.
  • Anesthesiologists who can examine the effectiveness of pain-blocking medications.
  • Psychiatrists and counselors who can help patients retrain themselves to perceive less pain and visualize positive effects of treatment to help them recover.
  • Rheumatologists who can treat joint pain and autoimmune diseases.
  • Chiropractors and massage therapists may be able to alleviate some of the pain caused by alignment of muscles and bones.

While there is no limit to the number of specialists you may consult in pursuing your treatment, many visits are not covered under standard insurance policies, so you may need to file a workers’ comp claim to get coverage for your regular pain management visits. Find out how you may be able to get additional compensation for lifelong pain treatments in our free downloadable booklet: What the Injured Worker Needs to Know: Your Workers Comp Guide.

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