There is no “safe” way to be hit in a car accident; every seat and position has its own particular risks. Side-impact (or t-bone) accidents can be dangerous for a number of reasons, most notably:

  • Fewer safety features. While the front and back of a car are equipped with bumpers to absorb impact, the sides remain largely unprotected. Aside from a slim steel pillar to bolster the doors, there is nothing in between another vehicle and your passengers--especially if your car does not have side-curtain airbags. If a t-bone crash occurs, your passengers may be thrown sideways into the window, suffering a severe head injury.
  • No crumple zones. Most cars have are designed to have extra space at the front and back to slow any oncoming vehicles, preventing them from making contact with the car’s passengers. Unfortunately, the sides of a vehicle offer no such protection.
  • Vulnerable passengers. Many people injured in t-bone crashes in Morristown are backseat passengers. These victims often include infants, children, and the elderly—all of whom are more likely to suffer serious injuries in the event of a crash.

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