A reputable attorney will not be able to put an exact figure on your New Jersey car accident claim during your initial meeting. It will take a lot of investigating, researching, and negotiating with the insurance company before a value can be placed on your claim.

However, for an estimate of your claim's value, you'll need to tally the damages the way an insurance company would. Different types of damages include: 
  • medical expenses - these include ambulance ride, hospital expenses, doctor's visits, emergency room bill, medical devices, physical therapy, medication, and future medical treatment if continued care will be required;
  • pain and suffering - compensation depends on the severity of your pain and the duration you are expected to suffer;
  • mental anguish - compensation may be available for anxiety, loss of dignity, grief, embarrassment or disfigurement;
  • lost wages - if the accident forces you to take off from work to recover, you may be entitled to your lost earnings;
  • lost earning capacity - if it can proven that your ability to earn money in the future has been compromised , your past earnings may be used to place a value on future lost earnings;
  • loss of consortium - if you win your case, your spouse may be entitled to damages for the loss of marriage benefits, such as sexual relations, affection and companionship;
  • property damage - this includes your vehicle and anything in the vehicle that may have been damaged.

An experienced car accident attorney can review your case, determine issues of negligence, and compare your New Jersey car accident claim with similar cases to give you a rough estimate of your claim.

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