Probably not. Worker’s compensation is designed to pay for the medical costs of your injury and a portion of your income as you heal. If your injury takes months or even years of rehabilitation, you may find that workers’ compensation will not be enough to cover your treatment. 

The severity of a spinal injury in Morristown depends on where and how your back was damaged:

  • Disc injuries involve trauma to the spongy tissues in between the vertebrae bones. A slipped or herniated disc may require surgery and will likely limit the patient’s bending and lifting abilities once he is healed. 
  • Broken vertebrae. If your injury fractured one of the bones in your back, you will likely need to remain immobile during healing, experience considerable pain, and suffer permanent physical restrictions.
  • Spinal cord injuries will often result in lifelong disability. Depending on the level of injury, a victim may suffer loss of feeling, paraplegia, or total paralysis that will last the rest of his life.

It is important to remember that if you are receiving workers’ comp for a back injury in New Jersey, your medical appointments and hospital bills will not be covered once you are able to return to work. If you are unable to resume your normal job duties, you may be forced into early retirement, putting a significant financial strain on you and your family. 

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