When you work with your hands on a daily basis, you know how valuable hand strength and dexterity can be. Once thought to be a problem that plagued only “desk jockeys,” carpal tunnel has become much more widely recognized as a problem that can strike anyone—and if it affects your ability to earn a living, it can be a devastating diagnosis.

In addition to numbness, tingling, and stiffness, decreased grip strength is a common complaint of those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. For many, this would not be the worst symptom to suffer, but in the construction industry, your grip strength on tools, ladders, and other machinery is paramount to your safety and that of your coworkers.

Can You Recover Workers’ Compensation for a Repetitive Strain Injury?

Many people assume that workers’ compensation can only be collected for injuries sustained in a specific workplace accident, but some injuries can creep up on you over the course of years. In your case, gripping a nail gun for hours each day could have placed considerable stress on the nerves in your wrist over time. This may have caused your median nerve to become squeezed as it enters your hand, resulting in your decreased grip strength.

While the treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome is very simple, it will still take you out of the workforce for a few weeks. Fortunately, you are likely eligible to file a New Jersey workers’ compensation claim, which will cover your medical expenses and lost wages as you recover.

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