As a safety-conscious construction worker, wearing a hard hat has been part of your daily life for years now. Whether or not you have ever needed its protection, it’s nice to know that you would be protected from a head injury if something happened on the job.

The problem is, you may not be as well protected as you think. Countless workers suffer traumatic brain injuries on construction sites every day—most of which occur as a result of improper worksite safety precautions.

Here are the most common ways you could suffer a serious construction brain injury in NJ:

  • Falls from heights. The most deadly risk of head injury by far is a fall from an elevated platform, a lift truck, scaffolding, or any other open building deck. These injuries are usually due to improperly built platforms that lack proper railings or have unguarded openings that workers fall through.
  • Unsafe ladders. Even though ladders are considered a “safe” way to climb, many such devices are poorly maintained. Some injuries occur because the ladder was not properly secured or was of an inadequate height, forcing the workman to reach and become off-balanced.
  • Head strikes. A hard hat will provide some protection for your head, but it just isn’t strong enough to cope with cinder blocks, tools, hardware, or concrete falling from thirty feet above you.
  • Electrical brain damage. Electrocution not only causes serious burns, but also results in brain damage. Contact with an overloaded circuit, unprotected wiring or even an overhead utility line can cause severe electrical injuries—including coma and early death.

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