After suffering a painful eye injury at work, you are probably not thinking about how much your worker’s compensation case is worth—you are probably thinking how much you will be unable to do now that your vision has been partially or completely lost. You may not be able to work, drive, or perform daily activities in the same way ever again—and you need to be sure there was no way your accident could have been avoided.

Unfortunately, there are many cases where employers are directly to blame for eye injuries on the job. Here are just a few common causes of job-related vision loss in New Jersey:

  • Trauma – Falls are the most common form of work-related injuries, and blunt force trauma to the head can often result in damage to the eyes. A frontal blow may directly injure the eyeball or socket, while blows to the back of the head may cause vision changes in the brain.
  • Flying debris – Eye injuries are often caused by airborne particles becoming lodged in the eye. Fragments of wood, stone, metal or shards of glass only take a split second to cause severe abrasions or even lacerations of the eye tissue.
  • Loaded tools – Malfunctioning repeat-action tools may cause parts to fly off unexpectedly. Nails, staples, screws, blades, wires or even tape fragments can penetrate the eyeball and cause vision loss.
  • Chemicals – Many acids, solvents, vapors and other hazardous solutions can cause permanent or partial blindness when they come in contact with the eye.
  • Lack of safety measures – While many eye injuries can be avoided with the use of proper eye protection, some employers may attempt to cut costs by not providing adequate safety goggles or face shields.

The only way to be sure of what really happened in your work injury case is to have the circumstances of your accident thoroughly investigated by a Morristown worker’s compensation attorney. We can help determine if you are owed worker’s compensation, disability benefits, or an injury settlement to cover the full costs of your injury.

If you or someone you love has suffered a job-related vision loss in New Jersey, Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr. can help you get the payments you deserve for your medical costs and loss of income. Call us today at (877) 360-0183 or click the link above to download our FREE informational guide, What the Injured Worker Needs to Know: Your Workers Comp Guide.

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