You always knew your job wasn’t easy. From day one, you were warned about the dangers of a construction site: live wires, falls from scaffolding, and keeping your hard hat on at all times.

But none of those warnings prepared you for an occupational skin disease.

Work-related skin injuries account for nearly half of all occupational illnesses and cause nearly a quarter of all lost work days in the U.S. However, many cases go unreported because the victims are unaware that their skin disorders are work-related.

Here are the five most common New Jersey construction skin disorders:

  • Contact dermatitis is the most common type of occupational skin disease. Patients often notice a rash on the skin made of small red bumps, usually as a reaction to a chemical or environmental agent such as oil or grease. The rash usually begins to clear once the agent is removed.
  • Eczema. A chronic form of dermatitis, the area is often covered by an itchy rash that is dry to the touch, but may ooze, bleed, or crack with pressure. While it has a number of causes, it is usually a result of chemical exposure or having moist hands for long periods of time at work.
  • Urticaria, or hives, are raised red bumps on the skin that may be itchy or painful. They may be caused by an allergic reaction, but also by pressure, temperature extremes, environmental exposure, and sunlight.
  • Angioedema. This rare condition involves swelling of the second layer of skin tissue, particularly around the mouth and throat. It is often the result of an allergen and can be fatal if the victim’s airways become inflamed.
  • Sunburn. Working outdoors for long hours may seem like “just part of the job,” but without proper protection, a serious sunburn can cause scarring, inflammation, and eventual skin cancer. 

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