Power tools are used in many industries, such as construction, home improvement, and tree removal, as well as less frequently when repairs are needed at factories and warehouses. Unfortunately, power tools cause many serious lacerations, amputations, and eye injuries when they malfunction or are not used safely. However, employers can implement safety measures to help workers avoid suffering life-altering injuries or deaths.

5 Ways Employers Could Reduce Workers’ Comp Claims Caused by Power Tool Accidents

Reading tool instructions and taking precautions can go a long way in preventing a worker from cutting himself or losing a finger or hand in a power tool accident. Employers should ensure that the following safety rules are followed:

  1. Clamp the work. Using a free hand instead of clamping the work can result in a worker cutting off a finger or hand when using a miter saw, circular saw, or other powerful cutting tool. Employers should insist that all work be clamped.
  2. Do not work when fatigued. Accidents are more likely to occur when workers are fatigued. They should be given sufficient breaks and only use powerful tools when they are rested and alert.
  3. Use goggles. Employers should provide goggles and insist that employees use them when working with tools such as nail guns, chain saws, circular or miter saws, and any other tool where metal or wood could fly into the worker’s eye to prevent eye injuries and permanent vision loss.
  4. Keep the safety on. Many tools—such as nail guns and a table saws—have a safety to help prevent accidents. Workers should be instructed to keep the safety on, and tools with up-to-date safety measures should be purchased to replace older, less safe ones.
  5. Train workers. Each power tool has its own set of unique dangers. Workers need to be trained in how to safely use their tools, what injuries the tools can cause, and how to avoid these accidents.

Until employers take their workers' safety more seriously, employees using power tools will continue to be injured and incur expensive medical bills and lost wages while recovering from their injuries. If you have been injured in a power tool accident, you could be entitled to New Jersey’s workers’ compensation benefits. Call me at 877-360-0183 for a FREE consultation to find out how I can help you get the benefits you deserve.

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