winter slip and fall accidentsWinter has officially started, and we all know what that means: snow and ice are on their way. Snow and ice are two of the most common causes of serious slip and fall accidents. We’ve put together some simple tips to help keep you safe during winter weather:

  1. Give yourself extra time to get where you’re going. This way, you can take your time.

  2. Whenever possible, use cleared walkways. Don’t be tempted by shortcuts through the snow.

  3. Consider investing in some slip-resistant boots or shoes.

  4. Use caution, even if a path looks clear – you may run into black ice.

  5. Keep your hands free while you walk. You’ll need your arms to restore your balance if you slip.

  6. Be extremely careful getting out of your car. Try to swing your legs around and place both feet on the ground before you stand.

  7. When entering a building, remove any snow from the bottom of your shoes.

Following these tips can help you avoid a serious slip-and-fall accident this winter. However, some accidents are unavoidable. Home and business owners are responsible for keeping their property clear of snow and ice. If they fail to do so, you could slip and fall on their property and be seriously hurt. You may then be entitled to compensation for your pain, emotional trauma, and medical expenses.

Even if it seems obvious, you will still need to prove that the property owner is at fault for your injuries. This can be extremely difficult without the help of a Morristown personal injury lawyer. Manfred Ricciardelli can help you gather the right evidence so you can prove fault in your NJ slip-and-fall case. He has 20 years of experience protecting the rights of accident victims in New Jersey. Contact us today at 973-285-1100 to set up a free initial consultation.

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