Each year, nearly 8 million people in the US are hurt at work. Former Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, referred to these work injuries as “preventable tragedies that disable our workers, devastate our families, and damage our economy.” If we know the main reasons for these injuries, we will be better able to prevent them. Here are the 8 most common reasons why workers are injured:

  1. Overexertion: These injuries are usually caused by pulled or strained muscles. You may be at risk if you lift, push, or carry heavy objects at work. You'll usually feel these injuries in your back, shoulders, or legs.

  2. Same-Level Falls: This type of injury happens if you trip and fall on level ground.

  3. Falls from Raised Surface: These are falls to a lower level. Maybe you walk scaffolding or use ladders frequently at work. Not surprisingly, these falls usually happen at construction sites.

  4. Bodily Reaction: Sometimes you trip but don't actually fall. As your body attempts to keep itself upright, you could pull or strain a muscle.

  5. Struck by Object: Serious injuries can happen if an object falls from above and strikes a worker. Some examples are tools falling or being dropped, boxes falling from shelves, or rocks being kicked up from machines at a construction site.

  6. Highway/Road Accidents: Road workers may get hurt when passing cars don't see them or aren't paying attention.

  7. Crush Injuries: Many times, these injuries happen to people who work with heavy machinery. If there are not proper guards or safety warnings, a worker's limb could be pulled in and crushed.

  8. Repetitive Stress: While some work accidents are sudden, others happen over a long period of time. Maybe you use the same body part day after day at work. Little by little, you may end up with a repetitive stress injury.

Have you been hurt from a NJ work accident or occupational exposure? If so, you are entitled to workers' compensation benefits for your injuries. These benefits may provide you with fully paid medical care, wage compensation, or a cash settlement. However, your employer's insurance company may not offer you enough money to pay your bills, let alone wage compensation or ongoing medical care.

Don't settle for less than you deserve. Get in touch with an experienced Morristown Workers' Comp attorney today. Manfred Ricciardelli will protect your rights and help you get the best possible outcome for your case. He will fight the insurance companies and employers that deny you the benefits you need.

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