If you’ve been a construction worker for more than a few months, you’ve probably been thankful that most of your injuries haven’t been serious. Of course, there are the day-to-day aches, pains, and cuts, but those are all just part of the job, right?

They may not have to be. According to OHSA, over 45% of all construction hand injuries are caused by simple contact with materials around the worksite, such as knives, sheet metal, and hand tools—and that using appropriate work-grade gloves can greatly reduce your chances of injury.

Here are a few ways gloves can prevent hand injuries in New Jersey construction workers:

  • Slicing. Workers regularly use utility knives to score and slice through heavy panels, shingles, and other materials. Gloves protect fingers on the securing hand and the cutting hand in case the knife slips or pulls away.
  • Lacerations. Many pointed objects like screwdrivers and wrenches can slip or puncture a worker’s hand, but a glove will stop the impact from breaking the skin. 
  • Abrasions. Granite or limestone can shear the skin off the palms and fingers, but gloves protect workers who regularly cut and lift rough materials or wedge their hands in tight spaces.
  • Burns. Gloves provide a barrier for workers who are exposed to adhesives, paint strippers, or other caustic chemicals, preventing burns and reducing the risk of the poison being ingested.

You Can Prevent Hand Injuries in Construction

Of course, just wearing gloves on the job will not protect you from every worksite injury. Employers and supervisors have a duty to perform routine safety checks to ensure the health of every worker. This includes scheduled training sessions, safety refresher courses, regular inspections of all tools and equipment, discouraging unsafe practices and requiring workers to report all accidents and injuries (no matter how small).

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