Filing for Workers' Compensation when you are injured on the job worries many employees. Along with your health care concerns, you probably are anxious about the income amount you will be receiving from New Jersey Workers' Comp. An attorney specialized in labor law can assess your particular case, but there are some general rules used to calculate most Workers’ compensation claims. 

Amount of Your Workers’ Compensation Benefits 

Once an injury has been established under Workers’ Compensation, you are eligible for disability benefits. These benefits are designed to cover wages lost during the time you are unable to work and are receiving medical care. The benefit amount will vary depending on the extent of your disability. 

In New Jersey, it is calculated as: 

  • Seventy percent of your average weekly wage for a temporary or total disability with minimum and maximum rates set at $216 and $810, respectively; or
  • a minimum of $35 and a maximum of $810 for a permanent partial disability, depending on your injury’s severity and type. 

Time Limits on Workers’ Compensation Claims 

Before Workers’ Compensation benefits kick in, you must be unable to work for at least seven days for temporary disability benefits to apply. These days do not need to run consecutively. In the case of medical or permanent disability benefits, there is no waiting period under New Jersey law. 

calculating workers compensationNew Jersey does have a 2-year statute of limitations relating to Workers’ Compensation claims. This means a formal claim petition must be filed within two years of when you were injured, received your last payment for compensation (i.e. medical treatment authorized by your employer) or first became aware of the condition in question. 

You should receive your first payment benefit from Workers’ Compensation within two weeks and no more than 30 days for temporary disability benefits. If you do not receive compensation within this amount of time, you may be eligible for an additional 25 percent of the total amount due to you, along with any legal fees. 

Get Help Calculating Workers Compensation In New Jersey

Workers’ Compensation laws are complicated. Understanding your rights to fair medical care and wage replacement under Workers’ Compensation is vital when you’ve been hurt at work. 

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