You may have heard someone say to you that “nobody is at fault for an accident.” But while someone who caused an accident may not have meant for it to happen, that does not excuse them from responsibility—especially if they attempt to blame the weather for causing a collision.

A quarter of all of New Jersey car crashes involve some kind of weather-related incident. Of these, over 75 percent take place on wet pavement, most of which occur as a result of heavy rainfall.

Summer Weather Conditions Have an Enormous Impact on New Jersey Roads

While heavy rain may be the single most dangerous type of weather for driving, accidents may occur due to a number of so-called “minor” adverse weather conditions, such as:

  • Light precipitation – Dew, mist, fog, and even light rain can affect a driver’s visibility, stopping distance, and potential lost road friction. Slow, steady rain can still cause water levels to rise above the pavement, causing lane submersion and potential hydroplaning.
  • Wind – High winds can cause lane obstruction as debris is blown across lanes of a highway, lost visibility due to dirt, sand or leaves obscuring the roads, and cars being lifted off the road and slammed into objects due to high speeds and severe crosswinds.
  • Pavement condition – Wet pavement is only one potential danger on the road surface. Sunny skies can cause poorly mended roads to expand and crack, and potholes that have built up over the winter and filled with water may remain hidden until struck at highway speeds.

How Can Someone Be Liable for a Wet Pavement Crash?

While the driver who caused your collision cannot control the weather, he is responsible for controlling his vehicle in all weather conditions. If he continued to drive at an excessive speed or performed dangerous maneuvers on I-287 during a period of bad weather, he may be guilty of negligence. However, if his car skidded out of control due to a problem with the roadway, you both might be able to get compensation from the federal department in charge of maintaining the roads.

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