You have probably been warned about the dangers of amputation on NJ construction sites before. However, while many employer equipment operation handouts may cover the procedures for ensuring safety, they might fail to mention the particular points of danger on each machine. By understanding each machine’s mechanical motions and how they can contribute to injury, workers have a greater chance of avoiding an accident that can affect their lives forever.

While any mechanical motion is potentially harmful, the basic types of hazardous mechanical motions include:

  • Rotating motion. Spinning couplings, cams, or flywheels can suddenly grip clothing and pull body parts into the workings of the machine.
  • Reciprocating motions are back-and-forth, or up-and-down, movements that can trap a worker’s hand between a moving part and a fixed object.
  • Transversing motions, such as conveyor belts, are continuous movements in a straight line that can catch and drag a worker into a cutting or pinch point.
  • Nip points, also called "pinch points," are areas where two parts move together and at least one moves in a circular motion. Gears, rollers, belt drives, and pulleys are all nip points that can cause amputation.
  • Cutting actions involve sawing, drilling, milling, slicing or any other cutting movements.
  • Punching action occurs when the machine stamps or tamps the product, putting the worker at risk when he inserts, holds, or pulls out the piece of stock by hand.
  • Shearing. Any powered knife or slide movement used to trim metals or other materials poses a threat to workers holding or withdrawing the stock.
  • Bending. A motion that applies power to bend, draw or fold metal or other materials and can potentially trap and crush fingers to the point that the victim will require amputation.

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