casino-workers-can-be-injured-at-workAtlantic City casinos are popular tourist attractions and places that local residents like to go for a fun outing. They can be busy, loud, dark, and full of intoxicated people. While this can be enjoyable for the patrons, they can be full of safety hazards on a daily basis for the people who must work on the gambling floors and in the parking lots, kitchens, hotels, and restaurants that support the entertainment of casino guests. As a result, employees can suffer serious injuries that are sometimes disabling and that require them to take time off work for weeks or longer while they recover. Fortunately, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation laws.

How Do Casino Employees Injure Themselves at Work?

Casino owners do not only have a duty to their guests to provide them with a safe environment free of hazards that could cause their injuries, but they also have a duty to maintain a safe working environment for their staff. Unfortunately, in the hectic pace of casino work where employees are serving a high volume of guests daily, workplace accidents occur. Common ways that employees suffer injuries include:

  • Repetitive motions. Bartenders, dealers, waitpersons, cleaning staff, and others perform repetitive motions throughout their work shift. This can cause repetitive motion injuries to their muscles and tendons, resulting in long-term pain and limitations in their abilities to use the affected body parts. In serious cases, the worker could become partially or permanently disabled.
  • Slip and fall accidents. Slip and fall accidents are common for both guests and casino employees. Many slip and fall hazards exist, such as spilled food and drinks, water and debris in bathrooms, torn, frayed, or cracked flooring, and ice, potholes, and cracks in parking lots. Employees can suffer serious fractures, broken bones, neck, back, and spinal injuries, and traumatic brain injury when they fall on the hard surfaces while rushing around doing their jobs.
  • Food poisoning. Casinos provide food to their guests in many settings at the casino in an effort to keep them there gambling. Often casino owners will also offer food to employees while working their shift. When food is not prepared properly, employees handle it with unclean hands, or it is left out too long before being eaten, workers can become ill with food poisoning.
  • Burns. Unfortunately, some casinos permit guests to smoke inside the gaming areas. When they are also intoxicated, they can easily bump into a staff member and burn him. Employees can also suffer burns from faulty electrical equipment, like slot machines, card shufflers, and electronic games.
  • Vehicle accidents. When casinos offer shuttle service from the airport or other hotels to the casino, its drivers can be injured or killed in a vehicle accident caused by a negligent driver. In addition, security guards and valets can be the victims of crashes caused by negligent customers leaving the parking lot.
  • Violence. Casino staff can become the victims of assaults by combative and often intoxicated guests. Unfortunately, this is a danger they face on a daily basis. In addition, because many patrons carry large amounts of cash, guests and employees are in danger of being robbed.

How Workers’ Compensation Benefits Can Help

If you were injured while working at a casino, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. Benefits that you could be entitled to include:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Partial or total disability
  • Vocational rehabilitation
  • Transportation and mileage expenses if you must travel to receive medical care

Unfortunately, it may not be easy to obtain the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve. If your claim is denied or delayed, you need the help of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who can investigate your claim, file your appeal, and negotiate your settlement with the casino’s workers’ compensation insurance company. Review our testimonials to see how we have helped clients like you and then call our office or start an online chat to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation to learn how Manfred Ricciardelli can help you.

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