Cranes play an important role on nearly every construction site, but perhaps none so much as those in the greater New York City area. With high-rise buildings, bridges, and tight spaces, the agility and power of cranes is invaluable to nearly every job site within fifty miles.

The sheer risk of cranes is apparent to anyone that has seen one in action. With loads suspended from great heights, every crane looks as though it could topple at any moment, swaying precariously in high winds known for ripping through the northeastern coast.

Of course, accidents happen even when every precaution is taken with cranes, but the risk decreases greatly with qualified individuals working on and around cranes. Many of the oversights and failures that are behind crane accidents could have been easily avoided, and for those who have suffered injury because of these oversights, it is a tough reality to face.

Cranes Affect Every Construction Worker

On a construction job site, each individual plays an important role in the safety of the entire project. If one cog in the wheel falls short in achieving the basic safety standards, it can put the whole machine at risk.

Cranes, in particular, have an exceptionally far reach when it comes to affecting a job site. Crane accidents do not only affect the men and women who operate these machines. OSHA statistics have shown that a majority of crane-related injuries and deaths are from other trades on the site, such as carpenters and electricians, which only intensifies the need for extreme caution and care when it comes to crane usage on a busy project.

What are the major causes behind these crane injuries? OSHA statistics show that these accidents are the result of several factors, including:

  • Overturns
  • Falls
  • Dropped loads
  • Contact with live power lines
  • Mechanical failures

Injuries caused by cranes affect everyone on a job site, and no matter what your trade, you deserve proper compensation for your worksite injury. If you are a New Jersey construction worker who has been hurt on the job by an accident involving a crane, call my Morris Plains injury law firm today to learn more about your rights as an injured construction professional.

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