Many people think that their arms and legs are most at risk of fracturing in a New Jersey car accident. However, the bone you’re likely to break is the one you assumed would be most protected.

Pelvic fractures are unfortunately common in Morristown car crashes. This is largely because seat belts will tighten around a passenger’s lap during impact, keeping him alive by keeping him in his seat. But they also force the pelvic bone backward, causing anything from a simple fracture to multiple breaks—and depending on the injury, you may be unable to move for a month or more.

The most common treatments for pelvic fractures include: 

  • Surgery. In cases where the pelvis has broken into several pieces, the patient may require surgery to remove bone fragments and repair torn blood vessels. 
  • Implants. If the pelvis has been fractured into large pieces, the patient may require implants to strengthen the bone and reattach the plates. These may include the insertion of screws, pins, or metal plates, and is an expensive and painful process. 
  • Hospitalization. Some fractures may not require surgery, but will benefit from a treatment called external fixation. The patient is attached to a frame while screws are attached to the pelvis, allowing the broken bones to knit back together. This requires total immobility, and the patient will be confined to his hospital bed for several weeks as he heals.
  • Physical therapy. Some patients who experience minor fractures will not require surgery, but will still need months of healing time to recover from the injury. Many will need crutches or a cane to walk and undergo physical rehabilitation to recover lost function in the hips and legs. Patients may also need prescription pain medication and a course of blood thinners, as decreased mobility can lead to dangerous blood clots.

Whether your pelvic fracture is complex or minor, one thing is certain: it will take some time before you are able to return to work at full capacity. Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr. is a Morristown car accident attorney who can get you the compensation you serve after a serious car wreck injury. Call us today at (877) 360-0183 to begin your FREE, one-on-one case evaluation.


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