When most people think about injuries at work, they imagine a heavy object falling onto their foot, or a finger getting too close to an open blade. But what many employees never consider is that they could be victims of a much more life-threatening injury—and one that is nearly impossible to avoid.

There are many ways workers can suffer a heart attack at work in New Jersey. For example

  • Sudden exertion. In hard economic times, employees may be asked to perform physical work that is outside his usual job description, and his body may not be prepared for the increased workload.
  • Exhaustion. Employees who are not given regular breaks or eight hours between shifts are more likely to suffer the effects of exhaustion, including muscle fatigue and chest pains.
  • Stress. Stress is a leading cause of heart attacks at work. If a person is constantly under pressure, his muscles become permanently tightened, placing additional stress on the heart.
  • Illness. If a worker is constantly exhausted and stressed, his immune system weakens and he is more likely to become sick as a result. Many employees cannot afford to take time off, so they go to work despite feeling under the weather, taxing their bodies to the point of cardiac arrest.

A work-related heart attack in Morristown can upset your work and family life in a number of ways. First, you will have emergency treatment and a hospital stay, followed by weeks of recovery time. When you are released, you will probably be told to “take it easy,” meaning you cannot return to the job you had before—leaving you with a severe loss of earning capacity and no way to provide for your family.

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