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3 Types of Work-Related Infections That Qualify for Compensation in New Jersey

You have no choice but to stay home after catching a serious infection on the job. Not only are you too sick to work, you’re highly contagious, and you have no idea when your condition will improve.

Weeks later, you are shocked to discover that your employer says that your infection doesn’t qualify you for worker’s compensation. If you can’t get worker’s compensation in New Jersey, how are you supposed to pay for your treatment?

The question of infections and worker’s compensation in New Jersey is a tricky one, with the liability of the employer playing a key role in your compensation. Here are three common ways an employee can get payment for a work-related infection in New Jersey:

  • Infections in the course of work. Many employees, such as doctors, nurses, and emergency medical personnel, run the daily risk of contact with diseases and bacteria. For these employees, infections fall under the heading of occupational injuries, and infected workers are directly liable for workers compensation for the costs of meningitis, MRSA, and even HIV.
  • Infections caused by trauma. Any infections that are a direct result of an accident at work should be covered by worker’s compensation, as they may be considered complications of your original injury. Even if your infection develops some time after the incident (such as at the site of an amputation), your employer should still pay for the costs of the infection treatment.
  • Infections during treatment. Some workers suffer infections while they are recuperating in a bacteria-rich environment. These are often referred to as Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), and can be extremely expensive to treat. Worker’s compensation may cover these costs, but the hospital may also be liable for your medical bills, since they have a duty to prevent these types of infections.

The important thing to remember is that if you suffered an infection in the course of your regular work, you are entitled to compensation. Manfred F. Ricciardelli, Jr., is an experienced New Jersey worker’s compensation attorney who knows that getting you the funds you need for your medical bills can be a difficult battle--especially if the injured party tries to “go it alone” against his employer.

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