After a workplace accident, you have a lot on your plate. Dealing with your injury and recovery is a full-time job in itself. An injury serious enough to sideline you from your job could end your career if you do not fully heal, so all of your energy must be devoted to returning to full health.

On top of the physical burden of healing, you are also facing the overwhelming logistics of a workers’ compensation claim. There are important reporting deadlines, to-do lists, medical appointments, paperwork, and financial issues to address at every turn, and it can be very easy to feel like the entire outcome of your workers’ compensation case lies in your hands.

Your Employer’s Responsibilities in Your Workers’ Compensation Case

While it might feel as though you are carrying the entire weight of your workers’ compensation claim, your employer also has several responsibilities to uphold when you have been injured on the job. If your employer falls short in one of these areas, you may need to seek the guidance of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney.

What is your employer obligated to do for you as an injured employee?

  • Your employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance that will cover you in the event that you are injured at work.
  • Your employer must have your workers’ compensation information clearly posted and accessible to you, including the names of physicians approved by the workers’ compensation insurance carrier.
  • Your employer must promptly notify his or her workers’ comp insurance carrier of your injury after you report it to your supervisor.
  • Your employer must provide you with the forms you will need for your claim promptly after you notify your supervisor of your injury.

If You Have Been Hurt on the Job in New Jersey, Your Employer Must Uphold These Responsibilities

After a workplace accident leave you hurt, you have several responsibilities—but so does your employer. If your employer does not follow through, it is up to you to ensure that your legal rights are protected, and as a workers’ compensation attorney with over two decades of experience, I can help. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case.

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