After you lost a limb on a New Jersey construction site, all you could do was wonder if there was something you could have done to prevent it. While most injured employees will blame themselves, the truth is that many such injuries are a result of employer negligence--particularly if the employer sacrificed safety.

It is every employer’s duty to safeguard construction workers from potential amputation injuries. This is most effectively done through training techniques and proper placement, maintenance, and clearing of the areas where machinery is used.

Here are a few housekeeping practices that can greatly reduce the risk of finger amputation:

  • Remove all potential hazards from the areas around machines. This includes slipping hazards (providing drip pans for oiling equipment) and objects that can trip worker (such as waste stock and electrical cords).
  • Consider proper placement. Machines should be placed away from high traffic areas to reduce distraction, and the work area around the equipment must be large enough to allow machine operation and regular maintenance.
  • Allow only trained employees to operate machinery. Employers must provide adequate instruction in the safe use of machines, including supervised training sessions in a normal working environment.

Employers may also be found negligent if employees have not been properly trained on both use and safety. Training practices should include the following:

  • Addressing apparel issues that can lead to amputation, including loose-fitting clothing, jewelry, or long hair that is not pulled adequately away to prevent entanglement in moving machine parts
  • Handling general and machine-specific hazards in the work area
  • Proper use of safeguards on each machine
  • Procedures for reporting potential problems, such as missing or damaged guards, violations of safety procedures, or other issues
  • Emergency response measures to amputation or near-amputation injuries

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