Construction workers have some of the hardest and most dangerous jobs out there. In fact, the leading cause of New Jersey work injury in the construction industry is falling from heights. Fall protection is required by law at all sites in order to prevent injuries.  Ladders, scaffolds, ramps, runways, walkways, holes, sides, edges, wall openings, hoist areas, and all walking and working areas are required to have equipment which protects workers from falls. Employers overseeing roofing jobs, excavations, bricklaying, residential projects, commercial projects, and all other constructions jobs must offer a certain level protection for employees.

Fall protection can be provided by personal fall arrest systems, warning line systems, guardrail systems, safety net systems, and positioning device systems. Employers need to train workers in proper use of all safety equipment.

If you were involved in a New Jersey construction accident because you fell while working at construction site, you are entitled Worker’s Compensation benefits. You will receive fully paid medical care and compensation for your time out of work even if the accident was your fault.

If your employer failed to meet safety standards, then you might also be entitled to a liability settlement. In a liability case, you must prove your employer was at fault. He could have forced you to work on in an unsafe environment, improperly trained you, or provided you with faulty equipment which led to an injury. While construction is a knowingly hazardous occupation, your employer needs to implement the strictest safety standards in order to protect his employees.

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