When filing a claim for Social Security disability, you may feel confident that you can do it alone, without the help of a Social Security lawyer in Morristown, New Jersey; however, if you pursue your claim without any legal guidance, the odds most likely will not be in your favor, especially if you are seeking compensation for serious injuries. 

You should understand that most Social Security disability claims are initially denied. Because of this, many claims go before an administrative law judge in a hearing. At this level, having a lawyer, who is familiar with Social Security disability, on your side can make a big difference as an attorney is more familiar with presenting facts and evidence in front of a judge and/or jury. 

Although there is no guarantee that your lawyer will win your case, there is the guarantee that your case will be developed thoroughly. If you were to do it alone, would you know how to prepare for your case? Are you familiar with all the laws regarding Social Security disability in your state? Most likely, the answer to both these questions is no. 

That is why a Social Security disability lawyer is a worthwhile investment. A lawyer has extensive knowledge of the disability claims process. An attorney is aware of all the laws and state regulations that can affect the outcome of your case. He or she most likely has handled cases similar to yours in the past and therefore knows what types of questions the judge will ask. 

Also, many times lawyers will only get paid if you win your case; therefore, you can trust that he or she will do everything possible to increase your chances of winning. An attorney will contact your doctor to obtain test results and paperwork and will use knowledge of Social Security laws to ensure that your case is as solid as possible. 

Although some people win Social Security disability cases without using an attorney, it is hard to do so. So, why risk it? This is your livelihood that you are talking about. If you are unable to work, Social Security will be your only source of income to pay for food, housing, clothing, and other essentials. Having a lawyer on your side will dramatically increase your chances of claiming the compensation you so need and deserve. 

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