After you were told that your husband suffered an accident on a construction site, you had no idea how you and your family were going to survive. Friends and loved ones helped you through the funeral and provided lots of time for you to grieve—but the bill collectors aren’t being so kind. 

You’re getting daily phone calls and mail notices threatening you for payments, all at a time when you don’t have the financial or emotional stability to make ends meet. What can you do?

Types of Wrongful Death Benefits

Thankfully, there is help available. With the advice of a trusted New Jersey construction accident lawyer, survivors can get the income they need to pay for past medical bills, daily expenses, and end-of-life costs. For instance, you and your family could be entitled to the following benefits:

  • Workers’ compensation. If a construction worker is killed on the job in New Jersey, workers’ comp may cover funeral and burial expenses, and may provide an additional amount of survivor compensation. 
  • Inheritance. While survivors may inherit money and property after a loved one’s death, these items are often taxed, may need to be renovated or sold for additional income, or are not worth anything due to outstanding loans or mortgages. 
  • Life insurance. Many survivors depend on life insurance benefits as a concrete source of income after a loved one dies, but these payments are often denied or delayed, causing undue stress on the victim’s family.
  • Government benefits. An attorney can help you discover if your family member paid into any additional accounts or had any additional income, such as Social Security benefits, that you and your children could continue to receive.
  • A wrongful death lawsuit. If your loved one suffered an early death because of an employer’s safety violation, you may be able to receive an additional sum to compensate your family for the loss of your relative’s income, loss of spousal consortium, and the undue pain and suffering the company’s oversight has caused.

The important thing to remember is that you and your family are not alone. Our attorneys can tell you if your husband died as a result of employer negligence, and whether you could be owed a substantial amount for your loss. 

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